How to get a burn to stop hurting?

Answer Go to Walgreens and get a Silver sufiazine ointment it works really good

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How to make a burn stop hurting ?

i got this from ehow,hope it helpsHow to Treat Burns on FingersBurns on hands and fingers are usually caused if you accidentally touch any hot object or boiling water. Before any rescuer begins tre... Read More »

How to get it to stop hurting?

Put ice in a zip lock bag and have it on your finger. It also helps when you switch cold to hot and hot to cold. Put your finger under hot water for a few minutes and then put the ice on again. Don... Read More »

How can I get my knee to stop hurting?

Stetching the area as in doing deep squats, flexing the leg, are good ideas as it will help get the optimal stretch needed. Yes I know it hurts but all you can do is apply the RICE concept to help,... Read More »

How can I get my calves to stop hurting?

Heat is the best treatment. Also gentle stretching exercises. Recovery will take several days.