How to get a black eye intentionally and almost painfully?

Answer Take something like a wrench or the round handle end of a bat, and make sure you have it aimed just right so you don't hit your eyeball and firmly tap it on the top and bottom of your eye socket, t... Read More »

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How to Open up if You're Painfully Shy?

You're a nice person, you have interesting things to say. So why can't you speak up when it counts? Real advice from a formerly painfully shy kid.

What causes a white little bump on tongue that is painfully if you touch it.?

Answer It is just an infected taste bud. I would suggest the best thing to do is to not mess with it. I've heard of people trying to bite them off with their teeth, but i am not sure how that goes.... Read More »

Do you know a good way to remove a ring from a painfully swollen finger ?

get a bit string put 1 end thro the ring and wrap the rest down to the end of the finger,then the bit you put thro the ring start to unwind it and the ring will start to slide over the string till ... Read More »

How do you intentionally get the flu/cold?

its hard to intentionally get a virus, tell him to use public transport and breathe heavy, he may get arrested tho or slapped