How to freeze cooked roasted beef?

Answer Depending on it's size you can break it down for one meal packages. Put it in a container that will not pick up any moisture or breaks in the package that will allow moisture and air into the conta... Read More »

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What temperature should roasted pork be cooked?

On One Hand: Temperatures VaryThe temperature at which a pork roast is cooked can vary. Some recipes require a pork roast to be cooked at 375 degrees. Others will ask you to prepare a pork roast ... Read More »

Pot Roast Poll: Do you like it best cooked in the crock pot all day or roasted in the oven?

oh oh oh so can of cream of mushroom soup and one can of water with one packet of onion soup mix. I'm telling you it is so simple and TO DIE the oven.

Can you freeze roasted garlic?

On One Hand: Roasted Garlic Retains Its Taste When FrozenYou can roast a large batch of garlic and preserve it in the freezer. After roasting the garlic, wait for the bulbs to cool and then squeeze... Read More »

Can I freeze roasted peppers?

Peppers can be roasted and frozen for later use. Roasted peppers will stay fresh in your refrigerator for two days. Beyond that, they should be bagged and frozen. When you thaw out your frozen pepp... Read More »