How to "foward delete" on Macbook What other cool features does Mac offer over Windows?

Answer Laptop keyboards have different layouts to standard keyboards. To forward delete on your MacBook, hold down the "fn" key and then press delete.The fn or Function key is a modifier key found on com... Read More »

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Macbook Features?

Its user-friendly operating system and sleek design make Apple's Macbook laptop computers popular. The Macbook comes in Apple's signature white and has all of the best features a Mac can have while... Read More »

Does imovie 11 have the same features on iPad 2 as it does on imac or macbook pro?

How Does a MacBook Cool?

The processor, video adapter and hard drive of Apple's MacBook notebook computer are capable of generating an immense amount of heat if not cooled properly. Consumers demand thin and light notebook... Read More »

Can't delete user on macbook air?

The admin account is your way out in case of troubles. The admin is used to prevent unwanted applications being installed and helps in case of computer troubles. Please do not delete it. It is a ne... Read More »