How to format movie files from my camera to work on windows movie maker?

Answer I have the same problem. I hope someone knows what to do.

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I have made a video on windows movie maker but how do i convert the files in avi or anotheer format from mswmm?

The .mswmm file isn't a video file, it's the project file. You need to go to File / Save Movie File and then select the output format you want. If you're planning to make a DVD, select the same f... Read More »

What is best format for capturing video from Mini DV camera when I want to burn to DVD in Windows Movie Maker?

Hi,I would recommend you download ConvertXtoDVD. Ive been using it for a year now, on windows, never had a problem!It will convert your video files to the dvd format readable by all standard dvd pl... Read More »

Why Windows Movie Maker doesn't let me import .avi files recorded with the Gopro Hd Hero 2 camera?

MP4 and AVI are both container files, not video formats. WMM doesn't support the video format recorded by the GoPro or (I assume) the GoPro Cineform codec. Rather than screw up the quality of the ... Read More »

How Do I Play a Movie Made in Windows Movie Maker Through Windows Live Movie Maker?

Windows Live Movie Maker is a video-editing program available on Windows 7. The previous version, called Windows Movie Maker, was available on Windows ME through Vista operating systems. Movie Make... Read More »