How to format a cd disc on computer to view pictues?

Answer The only thing that comes to mind is that the disc is a RW (Read\Write) disc that ISN'T "Finalized"Which is fine *IF* you have a CD Burner drive and NOT just a CD Reader drive.I'm guessing " the ot... Read More »

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Why can't I view PDF format?

Go to and look for the FREE Adobe Reader software. That's what PDF files are all about.

Can you format a CD-RW disc?

A CD-RW (Compact Disc-ReWritable) can be formatted, unlike other CDs or CD-Rs (recordable CDs). CD-RWs can either be formatted entirely or given a fast blanking, which is erasing only areas where d... Read More »

How to Format a CD Disc?

One of the most widely used ways to store digital data is on compact discs (CD). They are popular because of their durability, portability and ability to hold any type of digital media, such as pic... Read More »

How to Format a CD-RW Disc?

CD-RWs are compact discs that can have data written to them more than one time. However, in order to add new data to a CD-RW that has already been written to, you'll need to format the disc. Format... Read More »