How to format DVDR and i also need to know how to burn a iso file to it?

Answer R/W can be re-used. dvd r is trash after a failed burn

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What is an ISO file format for a DVD burn?

An ISO is an archive file, similar to a .zip or .rar archive. An ISO usually contains the entire contents of a disk, which can be burned to a blank CD/DVD to create an exact copy of the original... Read More »

What format do DVDs need to be to burn?

A recordable DVD is capable of recording any file format that can be written to any other mass storage medium. However, a video file to be played from a DVD on your set-top DVD player must be burne... Read More »

Need to know video formats best for iphone app development. I have to export 200 short videos for the app. My client doesn't know what format is needed. The same as the ones iphones can play?

What type of DVD or CD do i need to burn a CD with movie and sound from my PC picture file?

The standard disc types for burning movies and sounds are CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD+RW. Each disc format has its own strengths and limitations. Since not every burner is compatible ... Read More »