How to force google to open pages in new tabs?

Answer If you want, try going to preferences, right next to the google search bar. Then scroll down and select the box that says, "Open search results in a new browser window." and then save your preferne... Read More »

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How to Hide Tabs & Pages?

Most of the major Web browsing applications now feature "tabbed browsing," which enables users to open multiple pages in the same window. The toolbar in which tabs are displayed can be hidden to in... Read More »

How to Open Tabs?

Today, all of the major internet browsers have tabs. But sometimes they are hard to activate. If you have difficulty opening tabs, read this.

How to Kill Google Left Tabs?

Websites are adding features and updating their layouts at a staggering pace. Services like Google are used so frequently that it's often inconvenient when a substantial change takes place. Modern ... Read More »

Why does Tumblr open new tabs?

Hey!Yes, if you are using Missing E then it will open up new tabs for you on Tumblr. To disable your Missing E:Google Chrome:-- Click on the E. button at the top of any Tumblr dashboard pageOR--... Read More »