How to fix rays spreading from lights in any pic?

Answer Use a filter.

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Do LED lights emit UV rays?

LED lights do not emit ultraviolet rays. LED lights utilize semiconductors to create light and heat. Because a LED light does not have gases or filament wires to create light as other lightbulbs, t... Read More »

Spreading of the Iris?

Bearded iris is named for the fuzzy "beard" on central down-turned petals, known as falls. This easy-going perennial is most appreciated for its spectacular large flowers, yet its gray-green, sword... Read More »

How to Prevent Rust From Spreading?

Rust occurs when oxygen comes in contact with metal in the presence of water. This results in oxidation, or rust. Rust weakens metal and makes it look unattractive. Rust is often inevitable, especi... Read More »

What the name of the virus which spreading swine flu?

Swine flu spread through InfluenzaThe virus is H1N1