How to fix my flash .SWF files?

Answer Are you sure you are trying to open the correct file? Check the files extension and make sure it is .swf and not .fla. I had a similar problem with the loop when trying to open .fla files in my bro... Read More »

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How do I add Flash files to documents?

Publish your Flash document as an .swf (Shockwave Flash) file. Most document programs cannot accept resident Flash files (.fla), so it is necessary to convert the file to a different format. Althou... Read More »

How to Open Flash Files on My PC?

If you're co-authoring, editing, updating or starting anew on a Flash animation, you won't get too far on the movie if you're unable to open the file. Created originally by the Macromedia company a... Read More »

How to Save Flash Files to a Mac?

Flash video files with the extensions ".flv" and ".swf" are common on the Internet. However, often Flash files on websites do not include a download link. Computer users with a slow or uneven Int... Read More »

How to Save Flash Files?

A flash file is an interactive animation that can be found on several different types of websites. Instead of the usual code that HTML or Javascript consists of, Flash files are smaller files that ... Read More »