How to fix buffer overrun for a specific program?

Answer It would have helped to know what the actual program name is. Usually this type of error is caused by the program. Getting a more current version, and/or reporting the problem to the developer is... Read More »

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What is a buffer overrun?

Computer buffers are temporary holding areas in RAM often used for printing or burning a CD. Buffer overruns or overflows occur when too much data ends up in a buffer like from corrupt registry dat... Read More »

What is a buffer overrun in Windows XP?

A buffer overrun in Windows XP typically occurs when unchecked, external input data is treated as trustworthy. This can be a security risk, and in many cases the application you are using will shut... Read More »

How Can I Fix Buffer Overrun Iexplore. EXE?

If the memory buffer file that is controlling iexplore.exe (which itself is the file that operates the Internet Explorer Web browser) becomes overrun, that means that the program is requesting more... Read More »

Types of Buffer Overrun Attacks?

In 1988, the first major Internet-spread virus overwrote a small, 536-byte section of memory on a single computer and within four days, incapacitated over 60,000 computers worldwide. Despite advanc... Read More »