How to fix bad posture?

Answer I have had the exact same problem. What you need to do is have something that forces you to sit straight. At my office we have bought some pilates balls/exercise ball that we take turns to use. We ... Read More »

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How can I fix my posture?

Yoga is the best way, but the results will be gradual.

How can I get good posture?

People are saying its as easy as "JUST THINK IT AND YOULL START DOING IT", if it were that easy then you wouldn't be asking this right now. Another factor to consider is that you probably aren't to... Read More »

How do I improve my posture?

try walking with a book on your head.. it worked for those girls in the old days.. ;)

How to Learn Posture?

If you don't consistently practice proper posture, improper posture will become second nature to your body. Poor posture constricts blood vessels and nerves and can cause disc and joint problems. O... Read More »