How to fix a problem on youtube; an error occurred please try again. i have tried everything please help!!?

Answer Edit out your flick, make a file, open a Web browser, surf on over to YouTube, sign in, upload that file. Most any other way you try, including a button on any video editing program, will not work... Read More »

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I have an r4i problem. When I put it in dsi it says: an error has occurred.?

the problem is that you didn't download the right kernal of the cardfor r4i card

Youtube ''an error has occurred, try again later'' SOMETIMES appears but works fine otherwise?

i know you said its not the internet ,but this issue mostly caused by unstable connection, anyway just try to reload the page.

Youtube Problem Error?

This is happening to everyone, unfortunately.

A disk read error occurred?

Suggest you backup all your personal files onto another device in case the hard disk dies.You can then run a disk error check - in "computer" or "my computer" right-click the disk and select prope... Read More »