How to fix a printer to make it like new?

Answer Give us more information as to what exactly needs to be fixed. The question listed is pretty vague.

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What would you like to askhas anyone used a hp6600 printer or hp4622 printer?

They are both good printer. ex HP person...

Do i have to use a Mac printer with a Mac laptop, or can I use any printer, like a Dell?

Any printer that has software labeled "Mac' compatible...which is most printers!

To make printer ink last longer, is it better to turn the printer off or leave it on?

What to do with printer end of lifedo printer manufacturers make printers last only a certain period of time?

Here is the fix for the problem...replace the waste ink pad. In the event you don't have one and want the reset only ;) follow the link below. It has step by step instructions for resetting the c... Read More »