How to fix a messed up eyebrowPLEASE HELP!!!?

Answer I feel your pain. In sixth grade, I shaved my eyebrows. Yes, shaved. All the other girls were getting their eyebrows waxed and I felt awkward asking my mom to take me so I took the razor and a twee... Read More »

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This is really messed up, please help?

Nobody has the right to murder an innocent baby, so that's out. If I were you, I would tell him to just **** off, and live your life without him. He is only bringing you problems and grief. I wo... Read More »

I've messed up everything, what can i do :(?

You have a choice.Your only 14 years old and now you have realised that life isn't an easy ride, you can't just do what you want without there being a price to pay.So decide, do you want to carry o... Read More »

Is me eye messed up?

Small black dots in the iris, near the pupil, are called iris freckles and are nothing to worry about. It can also be a type of birth mark. Many people have a little black dot on their eye so you a... Read More »

I know i messed up.........?