How to fix a computer screen with a small crack in it?

Answer u cant fix that babe, my buddy had one, and eventually his screen went blank. u can buy a new screen, either online or at a computer tech store. but u are better off just buying a new computer.(ch... Read More »

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Does the iPod Nano screen crack because it is so small and thin?

Answer No, iPod nanos are one of my favorites and yes, the screen is small, but it doesn't crack.

I have a 55" Samsumg TV that fell and has a small crack in the screen. I hoping to get some money out of it?

You can try to sell it via craigslist but its a very hard sell,as it may cost same or close to buying new.Depending on exact model and specs the panels are very expensive to replace.There are alway... Read More »

How do I stop and fix my computer problem with the print on my internet mail screen becoming to small to read?

Hold 'Ctrl' key down and roll the mouse wheel away from yourself.

How to Fix a Small Crack in a Car Radiator?

A common failure of plastic and aluminum car radiators is a crack in the plastic tank at either end. This procedure is for small hairline cracks in the tank which are common in radiators of all mak... Read More »