How to fix a camera with water in it ?

Answer I've had the same thing happen to me but with my ipod and the best way to fix it is to get a ziplock bag but some dry rice in it and then your camera in it, it should take the water away in a coupl... Read More »

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I have a waterproof camera, sometimes when i put it in water i get tiny water droplets over the lens..?

I doubt any camera is truly waterproof; water resistant possibly but with all the possible openings in it I would expect some ingress sooner or later. It only takes a drop to produce condensation o... Read More »

How do you tell if a camera is water proof?

drop it in the bathtub...if it works after...well then its pretty waterproof

What can be done if you drop digital camera in water?

Dry it out as quickly and thoroughly as possible, consider using alcohol to dissolve the water and dry out quicker. Take as much apart as possible and dry all interior surfaces. Give the camera to... Read More »

How much does a disposible under water camera cost?

I have never bought one, but I found one online for $7.99.