How to find size of an object with scanner?

Answer The device--is called a measuring stick.

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Scanner class where use we scanner object give example?

Are You talking about the scanner class in java .... ??That can be used to take inputs from keyboardScanner sc = new Scanner(; -> reads a word from keywordsc.nextInt() -> reads a... Read More »

How to scan real object by the use of scanner?

You can't scan a real object with good result. If its flat enough you can achieve lil bit of clarity. You can't close the door properly when you place some objects. Light source escapes easily a... Read More »

How to Retrieve My Scanned Object From an HP Scanner 1510?

The Hewlett Packard, or HP, Scanner 1510 is a Mac-only scanner released in the early 2000s for G3 and G4 Mac computers. As an all-in-one printer, scanner and copy machine, the HP 1510 can do it all... Read More »

How to scan a passport size photo using canon printer, scanner *** xerox machine without A4 size?

Unfortunately, my friend, you don't. If it's loaded with A4 sized paper, this is the only size that will come out of the machine.