How to find out if daughter has a facebook?

Answer -Open the internet browser (as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer) on the computer that the 12 years old girl is using.If you're using Internet Explorer (what you're probably using), click on the... Read More »

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If you are trying to serve your daughter for temporary custody of her children and you have the court order but can't find your daughter can you go ahead and take the children if they aren't with her?

Answer If you have a valid court order you may take the children into your care. If the situation warrants the assistance of the local police you should contact them and show them the custody order... Read More »

Should I let my 12 year old daughter get a Facebook?

Well wait for one more year :)coz you should be at least 13 to use Facebook legally !!Read this article dedicated to this topic :)

Should my 9 year old daughter have a facebook account?

Nope, she is WAY too young. Allow her an account at 13 years old, at the EARLIEST.

Dad uses facebook to teach daughter a lesson?

He has posted a link to his facebook in the description of the video. His name is Tommy Jordan. I also believe it is child abuse. Publicly humiliating your child is mental abuse. He has a lack of... Read More »