How to fake a scaphoid fracture?

Answer Why would anyone want a cast? They are hot, sweaty, smelly, heavy, restrict movement, and make doing everything from combing your hair to going to the toilet a nuisance. People who have them legi... Read More »

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What is a scaphoid FX?

A scaphoid FX is fracture of the wrist. The injury usually occurs when the wrist is outstretched or hyper-extended, or during a punching motion. It a considered a carpal injury.References:EORIF: Sc... Read More »

What will they do for a fractured scaphoid (wrist)?

Sounds like he did the right thing. The scaphoid bone is located on the thumb side of your wrist, close to the lower arm bones. It is shaped like a cashew nut and is almost like part of the ulna.... Read More »

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