How to extract caffeine from tea leaves at home ?

Answer (A) extractionWeigh Tea 8g loaded Soxhlet extractor filter barrel, 80mL 95% of medical alcohol and a few pieces of zeolite in the extractor flask, Soxhlet extractor installed, connected to the cond... Read More »

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How much caffeine is in green tea extract?

Green tea extracts typically contain just a small amount of caffeine, generally no more than 3.6 mg--less than half as much as a cup of decaffeinated tea. Green tea extracts are sold as a health su... Read More »

How do you extract menthol from mint leaves?

Steam distillation yield mint essential oil. From the essential oil you have two options: Extraction, reduction, and purification. Or you can take the essential oil and perform a re-crystallization... Read More »

How to Extract Mint Oils from Leaves?

Mint oil has a number of uses––it can be used to add a minty flavor to drinks, add mint flavor to food such as chocolates and icing and used in a number of natural applications from deterring m... Read More »

How to Extract Potent Erowid Salvia off Leaves?

Most find that salvia divinorum leaves purchased from smoke shops or online vendors unsatisfactory. This is why many connoisseurs of the herb choose to grow their own leaves and extract more potent... Read More »