How to explane,i keep getting cramp in my stomach after ive eaten.?

Answer Go to the doctors, it could be te start of I.B.S.There is a medicine you can take, if you want to go to the docs, try the chemist, a good one, and xplain to them.......Jason W

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Keep getting bad cramp in legs how can i stop it?

StretchIncrease sodium in diet - saltIsotonic sports drinksImprove posture through exercise/ yoga/ pilatesKeep well hydratedKeep muxcles warmMassage

Why does my daughter keep on getting a stomach flu?

Low immunity. Make sure she is getting enough vitamin D, preferably from regular sun exposure. Cod liver oil is also a good source though. When the flu is going around, drinking grape juice daily c... Read More »

If you had a normal period had unprotected sex then had a very very light period had sex again and after sex your stomach started to cramp can you be pregnant?

AnswerYes pregnancy is always a possibility when you have participated in any unprotected sexual act not to mention the risk of getting a disease I suggest that you go get an at home test asap or m... Read More »

How long is one contagious after getting the stomach flu?

According to the Mayo Clinic, the norovirus is the most common cause of stomach flu in adults. People are contagious from the moment they become ill until three days after symptoms disappear. Rotov... Read More »