How to espalier?

Answer I wonder if you mean Calliandra haematocephala which can be grown in an espalier fashion.See link below

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Can I Espalier a 2 year old apple tree?

Espalier your trees! By Rev. J.D. Hooker After originating in the semi-arid regions of the middle east, espaliering (is-`pal-yer-ing) became a commonly employed fruit tree growing method of the... Read More »

What Fruit Trees are Good for Espalier?

Espalier is a training method for trees and plants, allowing them to grow flat against a wall. The style is useful for small gardens or when an owner has limited mobility, allowing easier access to... Read More »

How to Form an Espalier With Your Maiden Apple Tree?

Over time gardeners have developed creative techniques using planting and other garden features to bring the best out in their gardens. Forming an espalier with a maiden tree stem is one such do-it... Read More »

The Best Espalier Fruit Trees for Willamette Valley, Oregon?

Growing fruit in your back yard is a rewarding experience. Espaliered fruit trees are usually a dwarf variety and grown similar to a vine on a sturdy trellis. This method is ideal if you're short o... Read More »

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