How to erase everything on you computer?

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How to erase 100% of computer so nothing is in it i really need to do it!?

if you can get into your windowsgo to startmy computer right click and press exploreand then go to formatand click yesit will delete everything

How do you erase everything off your computer?

Restoring your computer will only reset it to earlier settings; it will NOT remove any personal data.You do not want to wipe (remove all information from) your computer because that will also remov... Read More »

How to Erase Computer Data?

Computers function by storing and reading data on hard drives. The hard drive contains the basic data needed to allow a computer to start up, such as the operating system and program files. Hard dr... Read More »

How do u get to and erase the history on your computer?

ctrl+h. Right click on today and click delete.Just do you know, every website that you visit is stored internally somewhere. It is hard to get to though.Hope this helps.