How to encourage my 4 years old child to study at home?

Answer Oh my, that is a scary question. Beat your 4 year old for not wanting to study?? Only if you want her to hate learning! It sounds like her behavior is very appropriate for a child her age. Plea... Read More »

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How to Encourage Your Child to Study for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?

The Bar Mitzvah (boys) and the Bat Mitzvah (girls) are the most memorable times in a Jewish child's life. It takes times and preparation for their special event.Here's what you can do:

How to Encourage Good Study Habits in a Child?

Helping your children develop good study habits can ensure they are well-prepared for every test.Encouraging your children to develop good study habits from an early age is one of the most importan... Read More »

Does everyone who wants to adopt a child have to go through a home study?

Home Study for Adoptions Generally, yes, except in some cases of kin/relative adoption or a step-parent adoption. In these cases a homestudy MAY be waived. Aside from these given exceptions, everyo... Read More »

How is a home study for a custody case different from an adoption home study?

A parent or parents who will love, protect and nurture the child(ren), who has been prepared, trained approved and licensed by the appropriate people. A child who is (children who are) available fo... Read More »