How to eject a CD or DVD thats stuck in the driver?


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How to Force Eject a Disc Stuck in Your Xbox 360?

So your $300+ game system is blinking red lights and you have to send the console in for repairs; but the console won't eject the rental you need to return tonight. What do you do? It's not too dif... Read More »

My iPod is stuck on the "connected: eject before disconnecting" screen?

Disconnect your ipod from the computer if it isn't alreadyHold the center circle button and the top menu button down until the little apple appears on the screenThis will reset your ipod without de... Read More »

My ipod is stuck on the screen that says connected eject before disconnecting. how can i fix this?

Important: If your iPod is frozen or won't turn on, it may be because iPod is paused or the Hold switch is in the locked position. If so, a lock symbol appears on the screen. Slide the Hold switch ... Read More »

My Ipod Nano is stuck on the screen saying "Connected Eject Before Disconnecting.". How can I fix this?

reset it by holding down the menu and the center button together if this does not work you could take it to an apple shop and they will replace it or fix it for you there