How to edit the sidebar thing?

Answer If you edit the page, via <… >, you'll see some code for the template "Infobox Election".You can edit the values given to this template to change the valu... Read More »

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How to edit side thing on Wikipedia?

The thing you are refering to is an infobox. Just edit the main article. The first thing you will see is the code for the infobox; it will look something like this:{{infobox person|name = this pers... Read More »

I cannot edit a scanned word or excel document, I can only cut, copy, paste. Is there a way to edit scan docs?

When a document is scanned into a computer, it does not come in as "text" (meaning words and numbers). It is scanned in as a picture. So there is no way to edit a normally scanned document.But ch... Read More »

How do you edit Kodak playsport videos on magix movie edit pro?

You should be able to import and edit Kodak Playsport videos in Magix Movie Edit Pro if the file formats are compatible with Magix Movie Edit Pro. Have you tried importing a video? If not, try it. ... Read More »

Help on my sidebar on Tumblr!?

i need to see the directory structure to get the correct path, but i dont have access to it