How to eat sprouted lentils?

Answer Thow them in a salad with dressing and it will mask the sprouts the same way it does to all of the other foods you use it on.Dune

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Do lentils without hulls have lower fiber than lentils with hulls?

The skin of a lentil, and any other legume, is completely withoutn utrition. All it is, is a husk, no oil, no vitamins. The bean itself has soluble fibre, which means it can dissolve down to a powd... Read More »

Grow sprouted onion How?

If it is a largish onion great than 1cm in diamteter) it will not grow a bulb, but will grow greens and possibly a flower. But without another onion flower to pollinate few to none of the seeds wou... Read More »

Does sprouted spelt have gluten?

Yes. Spelt is wheat. All wheat contains gluten.

Can pumpkin seeds be sprouted?

On One Hand: Pumpkin Seeds SproutPumpkin seeds, like most seeds, can be sprouted. Sprouted pumpkin seeds can be purchased online and most seed-sprouting resources include instructions for pumpkin s... Read More »