How to eat a taco With hand or with fork and how?

Answer I'm pretty sure you eat it with your hands. I like to use a napkin for extra hygiene. And you turn your head to the side or eat it like a burger?

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Why does your 5 year old son start writing with his left hand and finishes with his right hand?

it is probably easier for him i used to be like that but i settled into being left handedThe boy has not yet " decided " which hand he will use to write with. At a certain point, his brain will dec... Read More »

How do you prefer to eat your fish and chips with your fingers, knife and fork, or with one of those tiny?

With my fingers as they were meant to be eaten. AND, as an American, with tarter sauce and ketchup

Why is hand hygene important when dealing with a patient with diabetes?

Regardless of if a person has diabetes or not, Hand hygiene is still very IMPORTANT and the reason for this is to prevent germs from spreading

Ive just bought a second hand iPhone 3Gs off contract with no SIM. can I get free internet preferably with the 3 network?