How to earn many likes on facebook?

Answer JUST get loads of your friends to like it, share it publically and tell people to like the video no the link, go on your familys accounts and like it!

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Which games on facebook have the watch and earn for free facebook credits?

Mall World, Happy Pets, Ravenwood Fair, Salon Street!Hope it will help!P.S, if you know any others games, please let me know!Thanks for hint! :-)

Why don't I get a lot of likes in Facebook?

I used to worry about that too until I realized I was focusing on something that really didn't matter and was actually really stupid. So instead of trying to get more likes, I did more things that ... Read More »

How to Tell if a Boy Likes You Through Facebook?

So you're talking to a guy on Facebook, and he's sending mixed signals - how do you know whether or not he's liking you - or liking you more than that? Here's how.

How do you get more likes on Facebook?

ask your friends to like it and ask them to tell their friends too - anything other than that is considered spamming, so be careful