How to e-mail or convert MPG4 files How can i edit them in Windows movie maker?

Answer U need to convert the video to wmv or avi format that can be imported to windows movie maker.How to use windows movie maker?…How to save video as avi or wm... Read More »

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How to Convert Windows Movie Maker Files Compatible With YouTube?

A lot of people use Windows Movie Maker in order to make videos for YouTube. Of course, the raw Windows Movie Maker files (ones with a .MSWMM extension) are not accepted by the YouTube uploader. Th... Read More »

I have made a video on windows movie maker but how do i convert the files in avi or anotheer format from mswmm?

The .mswmm file isn't a video file, it's the project file. You need to go to File / Save Movie File and then select the output format you want. If you're planning to make a DVD, select the same f... Read More »

How do i convert video files so i can use them in windows live movie maker 13 points first decent answer!!?

the best software i can recommend is use imtoo studio, since i personally use it. it's simple to understand, no complicated settings (although available), lots of video and audio formats to choose ... Read More »

How do i convert a avi disk to mpg4 or can i put this disk onto movie maker thank you.?

A tool called WinX Video Converter Platinum can help you.… ***************Key features:1.Convert videos between popular SD video formats such as AVI, FLV, ... Read More »