How to dry marijuana the best way?

Answer Curing your marijuana is a hugely important step - the best way I know of, is to store the bud in AIR TIGHT jars, then depending on how dry you want it, open the jars for hours at a time. The slowe... Read More »

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Which country has the best marijuana?

if its grown naturaly by sunlight afghanistan has the best but in a hydroponic system id say the america does. but it also depends on what strain it is how experienced the grower is. It all reflect... Read More »

How to Find the Best Medical Marijuana Dispensary?

Medical Marijuana or medical cannabis is actually an alternative medicine for various medical conditions. It can be eaten like an ordinary food or in capsule form, smoked, vaporized or drunk. This ... Read More »

What is the best site/brand for marijuana substitute?

There is no such thing as a substitute for marijuana. The synthetic stuff is so dangerous.

Whats the best and quickest way to clean your system of marijuana?