How to draw diamonds in java (begineer )?

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How to Draw Triangles in Java?

The Java programming interface contains an advanced graphics processing capability. Drawing simple shapes such as triangles is a matter of defining parameters for the shape within a frame. Setting ... Read More »

How to Draw a Line in Java With Line2D?

Java 2D is an application programming interface in the Java programming language used to process relevant programming classes, such as for shapes, and to test, draw or print them. This ability lies... Read More »

What is the difference between real diamonds& man-made diamonds?

Natural and synthetic diamonds are two different types of the precious stones that have been held as valuable for thousands of years. Made-made diamonds are not fake, like cubic zirconia, but simpl... Read More »

Are man-made diamonds more valuable than real diamonds?

Naturally occurring diamonds are much more expensive than man-made diamonds. A one carat natural diamond can sell for around $3,000, while a man-made diamond of the same size is worth only around $... Read More »