How to download encarta encyclopedia'?

Answer You can buy it from here:…A good tip: Encarta is now obsolete. Use Britannica for best and latest information.

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How to download an offline encyclopedia?

Wait till it's online, then sneak in and download it before it goes offline again.

How do i cite an encyclopedia?

When writing the bibliographic reference section of an academic paper or citing references for a number of other written materials, the encyclopedia is often one source of information used. In orde... Read More »

Uses of an Encyclopedia?

An encyclopedia is a reference tool with information on a wide range of topics. You find encyclopedias at most public schools and local libraries. Most sets are comprised of multiple volumes and li... Read More »

Who invented the encyclopedia?

Roman scholar Gaius Plinius Secundus, also known as Pliny the Elder, is generally credited with creating the first encyclopedia. His work is a collection of 37 volumes written in the first century... Read More »