How to download encarta encyclopedia'?

Answer You can buy it from here:…A good tip: Encarta is now obsolete. Use Britannica for best and latest information.

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How to download an offline encyclopedia?

Wait till it's online, then sneak in and download it before it goes offline again.

Which encyclopedia came first?

The earliest known encyclopedia consists of 37 articles, was written by a Roman statesmen named Pliny the Elder and was published in A.D. 80. He named his work "Naturalis Historia." English transla... Read More »

What is Encyclopedia?

It's a large database of information regarding nearly everything, Which can be expressed in a website, Books or DVD's.Very useful and informative.

What is an encyclopedia used for?

An encyclopedia is a reference work used to look up information. It is typically arranged alphabetically according to subject and can be either a broad-based reference that contains general informa... Read More »