How to do jogging in the beginning?

Answer As a beginner, since your body is yet to adapt to the rigor of running, it’s best that you alternate 2 minutes jogging with 5 minutes of walking. You can steadily increase the number of minutes y... Read More »

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Can you go jogging at 4/5 pm?

There is no specific time to do jogging just do when you are free if at 4/5 pm is good for you then it a good time to jog. I personally prefer condition that is less hot maybe 6pm(depend where i'm ... Read More »

What do you think when you see someone jogging?

I wonder where they get their motivation to get off their *** and exercise from. Don't be embarrassed, nobody takes the mick out of joggers and they don't really acknowledge them much anyways. :)

I got a bug in my eye when jogging?

There is nothing that creates quite as much inflammation as bug parts. They are animal protein. And your body recognizes them as something that should not be there. You should look in a mirror and ... Read More »

How to Look Great While Jogging?

Jogging is one of the most effective and popular ways to exercise to lose weight, stay fit and be healthy. If you jog or intend to jog for these or other great reasons, you need not discard your se... Read More »