How to do i apply wax on my braces will it hurt if i take it off?

Answer you only use wax if your braces are poking at your lips or cheeks. you take a little piece and stick it on the braces part that is causing irritation to your cheeks. when you take it off.. it doesn... Read More »

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I just got braces. How long will it take before it doesnt hurt when i eat hard foods?

depends on you pain tolerance. when i had braces, i forced myself to eat regular food an hour after i had them put in. it hurt like hell but my teeth stopped feeling sensitive later that day. my... Read More »

How long will my braces hurt?

For me they would hurt for about 2-3 days after i would go in to have them tightened/adjusted. I know the pain you feel, I remember jello hurting... hang in there it will be worth it.... Trust Me.

Will my teeth hurt braces off and filling?

I haven't had a cavity with braces on (I've had them before I got braces though), so I'm sorry that I can't really answer your first set of questions.As for the second set, don't worry. I've had ca... Read More »

How long will my mouth hurt after i get my braces on?

the third day is the worst.after that its not really that bad