How to do i apply wax on my braces will it hurt if i take it off?

Answer you only use wax if your braces are poking at your lips or cheeks. you take a little piece and stick it on the braces part that is causing irritation to your cheeks. when you take it off.. it doesn... Read More »

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For people with braces!Does it hurt getting braces?

Yes a little, 15-20 mins after you get them on you will probably experience mild to moderate soreness that will last a few days. Eating hard/solid foods is near impossible for the first couple days... Read More »

My braces really hurt?

They hurt/ache for at least 2 to 3 days 4 being the's perfectly normal as you're teeth aint used to them being there,keep drinking hot drinks and soft foods and in no time you'll be fine :)

Do braces hurt when they are put on?

My braces hurt like hell when I got them. What was suppose to take about 1 hour installations took 4 hours. I was in intesnse pain the whole time. I'm well into adulthood, I don't know if that m... Read More »

Do braces hurt at first?

Yep. Like all things worth having it hurts. Each month when you get them checked and tightened it hurts again. It's not the worst hurt in the world, but it does hurt. I would say it is like the... Read More »