How to do a screen snap shot?

Answer you can also just press the Print Screen(PrtScn) button on your keyboard and paste it in Paint program then save it

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How do you take a screen snap shot of whats on your monitor?

there is a button on your keyboard that says print screen sysRq press that it is near the top and then you open like word or some program liek that and you right click and hit paste

The name of the camera where the pic comes out right away snap shot sort of thing, its not digital. get it?

polaroid cameraShake it Like a Polaroid Pick-cha :-)

What is screen shot what does it mean to capture a screen shot?

A "screen shot" is when you take a picture of what ever is on your computer monitor. For instance if you push the print screen button on your keyboard it will take a picture of your screen. Pretty ... Read More »

How do you make a screen shot/print screen of an email?

Press the PRTSCN (Print Screen) on your keyboard. It is normally above the INSERT key.They want to see the error message. Take the screen shot and paste it into an Email and send it back to them.