How to do a Square Braid?

Answer The square braid is a type of braid that uses four lengths of hair or lanyard or whatever material you are tying together. Like any braiding technique, square braiding involves interweaving multipl... Read More »

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How to Finish a Square Braid?

Braiding with craft laces or cords can produce lanyards. The square braid is a series of box stitches that form a four-sided lanyard. A lanyard is one of the most basic braiding crafts, making it i... Read More »

How to Do a Paracord Square Weave Braid Rope?

Paracord rope combines multiple pieces of parachute cord together with a braid to form a single rope. As each strand of cord is rated to support between 450 and 550 pounds (in cords called 450 cord... Read More »

How to Braid Micro-Braid Ends?

Micro braids are among the most convenient and long lasting hair styles. Although they can take up to ten hours to install, you can wear them for up to two months at a time. They're also versatile,... Read More »

How to Braid a Rope Braid Hairstyle?

The rope braid hairstyle looks complicated but is, in fact, quite simple to make. It's easiest to style your hair this way when it's wet; letting it dry in place will help the style to last. You ca... Read More »