How to do a Print Screen in Windows 7?

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How to Print a Screen on Windows XP Without a Key?

Windows XP is one of Microsoft's popular operating systems. This particular Windows OS comes with plenty of bundled features and software like Windows Media Player, Movie Maker, MS Paint and Games.... Read More »

How Do I Print Screen in Windows 2000?

Copy Screen ImagePress the keyboard shortcut of "Alt" and "Print Screen." Note that on some keyboards, Print Screen might be abbreviated as "PrtSc."Paste and Print Screen ImageOpen a blank document... Read More »

How do I make the print screen button on my keyboard print the screen?

In order to use the 'Print Scrn' button on your keyboard, you have a couple of choices of what you can do.If you want to capture the entire screen that you see on your monitor, hold down the SHIFT ... Read More »

Print Screen button takes a picture of the screen?

Yes then open paint and paste it there, then save it.