How to do a Braid Out on Relaxed or Natural Hair?

Answer Are you looking for a sexy alternative to curling your hair with traditional hair rollers and curling irons? This is a style that will work on relaxed or natural hair. You do not need extensive hai... Read More »

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How many people think that black girls look better with their natural hair than relaxed hair?

I like it when people are natural and themselves. Being fake and pretentious is not always beautiful, but being yourself is. If you have curly hair and wish for straight, don't go against it..wor... Read More »

How to Transition from Relaxed to Natural Hair?

The longer you have been relaxing your hair, the harder it can be to decide to return to your hair's natural state. It may seem foreign to you as you begin to explore the procedures and products ne... Read More »

How to Make Relaxed Hair Look Natural?

Relaxers have proven to be quite a convenience for women with naturally kinky hair. Having a relaxer in your hair may make daily styling a snap, but sometimes you may want to play with a more natur... Read More »

How to Transition Relaxed Hair to Go Much More Natural?

Most people are starting to go natural, and stop relaxing hair! That's why this article will tell you how to stop relaxing your hair for a little while.