How to do Scots-Irish style on regular expression?

Answer Depends on what it is you are using to do the Checking, what environment is this. Would have helped to know what you are working with.If you are just trying to do a search or find for both charact... Read More »

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Was Celtic the language of the Scots or the Irish?

The Scottish and Irish speak languages from the Celtic-language family. Scots speak Scottish Gaelic and Irish speak the Irish language. Other languages in the Celtic family are Welsh, Cornish, Bret... Read More »

Use Regular Expression Classes in the .Net Framework?

Many beginning programmersspend much time coding search and replace logic while the .NET framework offers a powerful class framework to use regular expressions that you can use to perform various t... Read More »

Java programming regular expression?

All you need to do is a try/catch block within a boolean method:public boolean isNumeric(int number){try{Integer.parseInt(number);return true;} catch(NumberFormatException e){return false;}} regular expression help/file search with Regex?

I *think* if you change it to this:Dim regex As Regex = New Regex("\N{*}\[:alnum:]+\N{*}")It will work the way you want. You might also consider replacing :alnum: with :word: to include words or nu... Read More »