How to display remaining time before cron runs?

Answer If I understand what you are asking, there are two ways to go about it. From what you wrote, it looks like the update will run at 6:30, 6:35, 6:40, etc. So you would need to look at the time, fig... Read More »

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How to Use Linux Cron?

Cron, a shortened form of the name for the Greek god Chronos, is an automation tool for computers running the Linux operating system. Cron will automate the execution of programs at a preset time -... Read More »

My pc runs very slow it takes long time to load how do i get it fixed?

Best thing is to add more rams to your PC. RAMS are the easiest to install into your computer. They will definitely increase the speed in your PC. I would recommend getting at least 1 Gig all toget... Read More »

What service runs turns of your monitor at a scheduled time I have mine set for 10?

If you're talking about Windows, it's a part of the "Power Settings" from the Control Panel. You can adjust a variety of things, and create various schemes to save each group of settings (mostly us... Read More »

Why does even clock on display shows 10:10 time?

The moment you see a watch, you always see the time and get distracted by the time. So the watch-makers had difficulty to make consumers see the brand, the watch, and appreciate the watch without g... Read More »