How to dismantle Steelseries siberia headset ?

Answer I don't have them & could not find anything , like a video , manual etc.. But I had a Pair of Tri-axial headphones (Woofer -Midrange & Tweeter) Very similar to those ( Heavy) . The 4 to 6 screws... Read More »

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How do I fix my Tritton AX 180 headset It broke where the earphone connects to the top of the headset?

I'm working on the same thing. I'll update this answer If I find out how

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Where is Siberia on the Asia map?

Siberia is a land region in northern Russia that encompasses approximately one-half of the country's total land mass. Bordered by the Ural Mountains to the west, the Okhotsk Sea to the east, the Ar... Read More »