How to discipline a autistic child?

Answer I kind of question your son's autism diagnosis. Kids with autism are usually not friendly and outgoing until much older when they've actually been taught and given the tools and scripts on how to b... Read More »

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Pro-vax parents who say "I'd rather have an autistic child than a dead one," do you HAVE an autistic child?

Texas nomad, I think I love you!What goes through my mind after I stop seeing red is that the person isn't very educated on vaccines and has no idea how rude and hurtful they are being.On the other... Read More »

Is spanking your child considered discipline or child abuse?

it depends half the time it is discipline but the other half is abuse. if it has a reason its discipline but if whoever is doing it without reason its usually abuse Only suitable for minors?: Peo... Read More »

Should I Get a Dog for My Autistic Child?

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How to Babysit an Autistic Child?

It's important to know a lot of things when you are going to babysit an autistic child. They think and process differently than normal kids without the condition. They are also very intelligent and... Read More »