How to disable Columns or Rows in excel through VBA coding?

Answer You do not need to use VBA to "disable/enable" cells, columns, rows, worksheets, etc... I am going to assume that when you say "disable/enable" that you are referring to the Locking of cells, whic... Read More »

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How do I customize columns and rows in Excel?

Column Width and Row HeightChange the width of columns by placing your cursor on the divider between column identifiers and dragging the mouse to the left or right. For example, if you want Column ... Read More »

How do I remove rows& columns from Excel?

Open an Excel file. Click to select a cell in the row or column you want to delete. You can select one row or column or several at once. For example, if you want to delete rows 3 through 8, you mig... Read More »

How to Change Columns Into Rows in Excel 2007?

In an Excel 2007 spreadsheet, you may find it necessary to rearrange the data in some of the cells. If you want to take the data you have in one or more columns and switch it into rows, use Excel's... Read More »

How to Sort an Excel Spreadsheet by Rows & Then Columns?

Excel spreadsheets can be useful documents when you are trying to show a lot of data in only a few pages. Excel can show things like the correlation between an action or event that takes place and ... Read More »