How to deletee google plus information?

Answer Hm... I believe you will need to terminate your account and start with the new one!Good luck!

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What about "Google Plus" launched by Google to challenge Face Book?

yes defanately , but many people questions is will it work or not? .Some analysts are asking whether Google expansion into the social media sphere is a bad move. TechCruch guest contributor Semi... Read More »

Google isn't deleting my google plus account?

post dis q in google help forum not here......

Does google chrome [web browser] send our browsing information to google ?

you might just want to stick with http://www.collegecomputerguy.blogspot.c… for the computer questions.

How secure is Google Plus?

If you only share something with people in your circles then they can see it in their search results, but no one else will be able to see it.If you share something publicly then anyone could possib... Read More »