How to delete previous address visited?

Answer I can't answer your question, cause I used to have the same problem. That's why I switched to mozilla firefox, and you can delete history. Plus its safer. So I think you should get it, and you won'... Read More »

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How do I delete the visited websites address bar?

Locate your browser's history log, usually located in the "Tools" menu at the top of the browser window.Once there, click "Clear History," "Erase History" or the equivalent command for your browser... Read More »

How do i delete previously visited web sites from my google address bar?

Go to the Left Top Corner of the Page.....Tools

How to Delete a URL I've Visited?

Whenever you visit a website, your Web browser saves the address in your browsing history. If you visit multiple pages on a single site, your browser may save all of those pages individually, depen... Read More »

How Can I Delete Web Pages Visited in the Past?

As concerns about web browsing and the history it leaves behind become more important to users, browser developers have responded with simple methods to help manage your browser history. All three ... Read More »