How to delete my website on

Answer scroll down, at the bottom left of the page choose site settings. a page on your account info will be loaded. look at the lower right side of the page this time, there's a sidebar with the option t... Read More »

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How to Delete a Yola Website?

Website creating websites such as Yola are fun to do but sometimes we move on to other ideas or fall out with the website idea. It doesn't look like the website is deleted. We can delete the websit... Read More »

How do I delete an old website on Sitebuilder?

Deleting WebsiteOpen Yahoo SiteBuilder. Click the "Tools" menu, located near the top of the Yahoo SiteBuilder window. Click "File Manager." Locate the folder that contains the website you want to d... Read More »

How do I delete visited website history?

Google ChromeOpen the Google Chrome browser. Click on the wrench-shaped icon in the upper right corner. Choose "Options." Click on the Under the Hood tab. Check "Browsing History," which houses vis... Read More »

How to Delete a Website With KompoZer?

Sometimes companies close down or you discover that you no longer need a website after it is created. Instead of updating the website, you may need to delete it instead. Deleting the files from a w... Read More »