How to delete fb messages....?

Answer that isnt possible - it's like email in the respect... you cant unsend an email either

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If you report messages as spam on Facebook, does it delete the messages from the other persons account?

nope. single report won't do. it needs couple of reports from different facebook users to a certain degree. Then it will go through a technical group or an automated system and then decide what to ... Read More »

How do i delete sent messages on facebook?

When logged into Facebook, click on the word "Messages" in the toolbar on the left side. A page will load displaying the mail in your Facebook inbox. Under the word "Messages" the word "Sent" will ... Read More »

How to Delete Email Messages?

Unwanted, old or unsolicited emails can take up space in your inbox, which is often limited, causing you to miss out on new emails if you have reached your storage limit on the account. Even if you... Read More »

How do you delete messages off of the iPhone 4S?

In the Messages app, select a conversation. At the upper-right corner, there should be a button called "Edit". Tap that button. Then, tap all the messages you wish to delete. When you are done sele... Read More »