How to delete a site in google Analytics?

Answer For delete a site in google analytics follow some steps:1. Remove the Analytics javascript code snippet from all your pages.2. Login in your google analytics account.3. Click the Admin tab at the t... Read More »

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Advertiser sends me a google analytics report, I don't believe the numbers. Can they cheat google?

A big percentage comes from the mobile page efficency analysis. If this isnt included in the report then the advertisers could be misleading you. When printing the report they have the option to ap... Read More »

How to Import Google Analytics Data Into Google Docs?

Google Analytics allows users to export data in a PDF document. This PDF can then be imported into the Google Documents database. Google documents automatically converts the PDF file into an editab... Read More »

Do you think Google Analytics?

It really depends on what sort of traffic you're looking at and how much control you want over that.Awstats is essentially a log parser. So it's going to look at every log entry and calculate traff... Read More »

How to Use Annotations in Google Analytics?

Annotations are feature introduced into Google Analytics in early 2010. They allow a webmaster to mark up specific dates on their Analytics page to mark when certain events took place. For example,... Read More »